Denver Metro Housing Bubble?

July 30, 2018

We recently attended a course about whether the housing market in the Denver Metro area is in a “Bubble”. This term “Bubble” has been bantered about a lot lately. We hear it whenever someone says they are waiting to move or purchase a home because home sales are soaring each year. Didn’t this kind of thing happen about 10 years ago or so?

In the course we attended at our board of REALTOR®s – South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association (SMDRA), Lonnie Glessner supports the opinion that the Denver Metro area is not in a “bubble”. Lonnie Glessner is a local loan officer with NOVA Home Loans, which is also a local lender. He also serves on the Statistics Committee with Bonnie at SMDRA. Mr. Glessner differentiates between what is happening now and how it differs from a decade or so ago.

We are happy to make available his PowerPoint slides from that course which he generously provided. There is some very powerful information based on statistics. We want everyone to know why now is a great time to buy.

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